Fed’s Bostic: I’d like to see our policy get to a ‘marginally’ restrictive (27/8/2022)

Speaking in a Bloomberg TV interview on the sidelines of the Jackson Hole Symposium, Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic said that “I’d like to see our policy get to a ‘marginally’ restrictive.”

Additional quotes
The economy’s been producing a lot of jobs each month, we want to see that start to slow.

Levels inflation are now were unimaginable 18 months ago, we have to get inflation down.

I’d be comfortable with some weakness in labor markets, but we’re far away from that.

Would like to get another 100-125 basis points higher than we are now, and sooner than later.

We still need to move in an orderly way.

I think we should stay there (at high rates) ‘for a long time’.

Inflation is often the last data to respond.

I would be willing to see unemployment numbers moderate to get us back to target.

Asked if we’re looking at a ‘sea change’ in global inflation, says it’s an open question.

Reduction in balance sheet will have a restrictive impact on how the economy evolves.

Market reaction
The US dollar index is licking its wounds around 107.80, losing 0.61% on the day, awaiting Powell’s speech for fresh trading impetus.

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