Why trade forex online with Easy Way Global Limited ?

Trading forex with Easy Way Global Limited gives you a number of advantages, including utilizing leverage and competitive spreads. See why over 60,000 people choose Easy Way Global Limited to trade with on the forex market

Over 50 FX currency pairs

Access over 50 FX currency pairs in the most globally traded market

Fast execution and competitive spreads

Super competitive spreads with ultra-fast execution speed

Trusted, regulated and award-winning broker

30,000+ traders in over 30 countries trust us with their trades

All trading strategies and styles allowed

Utilise your personal strategy, and trade using EAs.

State-of-the-art Trading Platform

Trade on our award-winning platform (MetaTrader 5) and mobile trading app.

FX ProductALL Lot SizeMinimum Fluctuationleverage
EUR/USDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
GBP/USDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
AUD/USDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
NZD/USDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
USD/JPYSpot100,0000.001up to 1:400
USD/CHFSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
USD/CADSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
EUR/JPYSpot100,0000.001up to 1:400
EUR/GBPSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
EUR/CHFSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
NZD/CADSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
NZD/CHFSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
CAD/CHFSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
CAD/JPYSpot100,0000.001up to 1:400
AUD/NZDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
NZD/JPYSpot100,0000.001up to 1:400
CHF/JPYSpot100,0000.001up to 1:400
AUD/JPYSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
AUD/CHFSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
AUD/CADSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
EUR/AUDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
EUR/NZDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
EUR/CADSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
GBP/CADSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
GBP/CHFSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
GBP/AUDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
GBP/NZDSpot100,0000.00001up to 1:400
GBP/JPYSpot100,0000.001up to 1:400
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